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'Noor' on the face (light)....what is it exactly?

Is it possible for a Muslim who doesnt practise, who doesnt pray namaz to be more precise, have 'noor' on their face?
I thought only pious, religious people had this 'light' on their faces....
Please no rude/racist answers :S

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many people confuse noor with a beautiful face ,or bright white face. Noor is the sunnah of the beloved prophet of Allah. Among the pious some have somthing on there face that cannot be describe,like a glitter. Billah was a black ,and a sahaba of The prophet peace be upon him. his heart was white. Noor has nothing to do with physical appearance. some people when we look at them they get us inspire to practice deen to practice sunnah. the voice speak noor,the action is noor.the character is noor.

Bara en rolig fråga.. :)

Assalamu aleykum


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